MEMS Library Media Center

The Library Media Center at MEMS is part of the Northshire Library Media Consortium, an online library that gives you access to three Manchester libraries: the MEMS Library Media Center, the Lisa B. Tuttle Library @ Burr and Burton Academy and the public library, Mark Skinner Library.

Manchester Elementary Middle School (MEMS) is a K-8 school located in the beautiful Northshire Valley, in Manchester Vermont. MEMS is committed to engaging all students in academic work.  Currently, MEMS has 450 students and 55 teachers and additional support staff.  The school strives to maintain class sizes of 13 – 15 in grades K-3. Class sizes in grades 4 – 8 are between 16 and 26 students per section.


Fiction section includes short stories, younger and middle fiction, young adult fiction and primary readers, picture books and our extensive folk and fairy tale collections.  We also have two areas for teaching and presenting.

Enjoying a quiet story.

All students love using the reading steps for quiet reading, sitting with Ginger, the reading dog or listening to Ms. Bonifanti tell stories or sitting in the story chair to read or share with others.

What a great book.

The non-fiction section is spread out when you enter the library media center. This area includes a graphic novel section with a couch for quiet reading and sharing, a biography area, a large non-fiction collection and the reference.

What do we do next?


What do we do next?


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