What’s the Collection

We have over 17,000 titles in our print and non-print collection with instructional hardware and its software.

Our fiction collection is over 7000 titles, which includes 3500 picture books, 3000 fiction titles and 1000 young adult titles. Our non-fiction collection has over 10,000 titles and includes a large Mythology and World Religion collection along with a very strong customs and cultures, folk and fairy tales, animals and U.S. History sections. The majority of our collection is less than 10 years old except for some special collections and classic titles.

All MEMS students and staff have access to the holdings of the Northshire Library Media Consortium of over 55,000 titles. Stop by the MEMS Library Media Center for details.

It provides a wide variety of resources and information that satisfy the

educational needs and interests of students.

We strive to provide friendly and helpful services.

We offer a collection that meets the needs of our students in grades

K-8 in the Northshire educational community.

Supervised Hours:

8:30 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 3:05

Middle School 8:00 – 8:30 M,T,TH

Check our reading links.

MEMS Collection available to the community upon request through MSL and BBA.

Contact Ms. Georgeanne E. Bonifanti, Library Media Specialist

email gbonifanti@manchesterschools.org



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